Things are going CRAZY around our school! It seems that the walls are talking, hats are coming to life, and toys are singing. We never know what will sprout eyes and a voice to send a message.
Keep checking back....more messages will appear soon!

The intent in creating these videos is to motivate students to learn! Digital photos from around our school - paintings, projects, and toys on shelves- were made into videos. Videos were created with animation and audio editing software CrazyTalk. Students chose from a range of topics, wrote scripts, and recorded/edited sound files. With each edit, students listened to and improved their own work. Examples on these pages are provided to spark ideas of how to use videos to support learning in many areas. Help us compile ideas for all to share*!

Introducing Digiraffe- our own digital giraffe

"Way up high in the apple tree"- this Crazy Tree is talking to me!

I am a sailboat for some teachers at our school.
You may need some GUIDANCE to find me.

I am a Recycled Robot from a class project.
Do you know who made me?

Helping to nurse our planet Earth is pure POETRY.
A ballerina dances on our school walls.
Do you know where?

What's that sound - ONOMOTOPIA??
Top o' the Mornin' to You!
It is the Crazy Leprechaun Hat, but can you find him?

Image used in this video is from the CrazyTalk5 project files.

*Contact JoNelle Gardner, Technology Teacher, Gold Hill Elementary School